Credit Manager Risk Toolkit: Managing Risk Before Insurance

Lockton and CreditorWatch team up:

Lockton and CreditorWatch, an Australian credit reporting bureau, have teamed up to offer valuable insights and solutions for the evolving role of credit managers dealing with modern challenges.

What you can expect from the report:

Together, Lockton and CreditorWatch have observed significant changes in the role of credit managers and throughout the report, we have highlighted the top risks facing credit managers, such as:

  • An increase in shortcomings in Business Interruption (BI) Insurance.

  • Risk of customer contract penalties, and the inability to pass on.

  • If a third party fails to deliver, or suffers a breach, the organisation that utilises the vendor will face the consequences.

  • Data shared between external vendors (supplier, vendor, contractor, or service provider) can be exposed to cyber-attacks.

Additionally, within the report, key considerations and suggestions as to the right questions to ask internally and how credit managers can respond are included, as well as comments from both Lockton's trade credit experts and CreditorWatch's Chief Economist, Anneke Thomson and Director, Ali Zoabi on each of these matters.

Get ahead:

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Credit Manager Risk Toolkit: Managing Risk Before Insurance