Lockton raises over $1M for COVID-19 relief in global philanthropic campaign

An important and enduring part of the Lockton story is our tradition of giving back to the communities in which we live and work, helping our people and communities reach their full potential, and empowering and inspiring our people and clients to be successful. These times are no different.  

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect every single community in unimaginable ways, Lockton Associates, Producers and shareholders around the world have come together to raise over $1 million, donate thousands of personal protective equipment items, and give countless volunteer hours to local organizations making a difference in their communities.  

During the peak of the pandemic, the Lockton shareholders announced a global philanthropic campaign - the Lockton Cares COVID-19 Community Impact campaign. The campaign’s goal was simple: to make a difference in the local communities in which Lockton’s people live and work around the globe. Lockton shareholders jumpstarted the campaign with a global donation for distribution to the innovative organizations that are directly fighting the coronavirus or supporting those who have been impacted.  

In true Lockton spirit, our people answered the call and raised $1,125,124 for coronavirus relief around the world.  

“Lockton Companies has a rich history of supporting our communities,” said Marshall Lockton, Senior Vice President. “As the coronavirus pandemic continued to impact the world, we felt compelled as an enterprise to come together as one Lockton and support those who needed it most in these challenging times.”  

At Lockton, our people are empowered to do what’s best for their clients and communities every day and this campaign was no different. Associates and Producers around the world were given the freedom to select where in their communities these funds were distributed. 

Because of this independence, Lockton’s people were able to directly see the impact of this first-of-its-kind campaign. Lockton made monetary donations to over 130 different beneficiaries across the world, including organizations and nonprofits fighting food insecurity, supporting healthcare facilities and first responders, providing mental health and social services, including those fighting systemic inequality and racial injustice, and providing other services, such as domestic violence shelters, animal welfare and community initiatives. A complete list of beneficiaries can be found here (opens a new window)

 “Our Associates, Producers and shareholders from across the world exemplified the true Lockton spirit and rallied together to support over 130 organizations that continue to make a positive impact in our local communities,” continued Lockton. “Seeing the impact our people have made around the world with their generosity has been a revitalizing experience during these unprecedented times.” 

Outside of the official campaign, Lockton’s people stepped up and took it upon themselves to make a difference in their communities. Associates, Producers and Partners around the globe donated personal protective equipment to healthcare facilities, delivered meals, gifts and words of thanks to healthcare workers and continued to provide uninterrupted service to clients despite the impacts of the pandemic. Lockton’s people continue to make a positive impact in their community and inspire others to do the same. 

“It is clear from the feedback we have had that this campaign has made a significant impact on local Lockton communities globally”, said Simon Coleman, COO Lockton International. “We have supported existing relationships and created new partnerships that will continue long beyond this campaign.”